Elisa Stefan and Mason

My birthing experience was so amazing because Jacquie was my doula. We met prior to my due date in order to discuss the details of my labour and she honoured all of my wishes. She was present for my entire labour, supporting every decision I made. My husband was more relaxed as he knew someone was by my side when he needed to leave me at any point. After my son was born, she immediately pulled out my camera and took photos and videos of us as a family for the first time. She also helped me postpartum, providing me with some care items and calling to check up on me once we got home. Jacquie’s greatest quality as a doula is her unfailing belief in your strength as a woman in labour. When I thought I was weak she made me feel strong with her encouraging words. When I made a decision, she truly believed it was the best decision I could make and I felt empowered because of it. I wouldn’t think twice about hiring her again!

Elisa T.