When my husband and I found out we were expecting, surprisingly I wasn’t concerned with the labour. Instead, we were both concerned with what do to once the baby is here. How do we take care of this living thing? The Newborn Care Basics Class went through it all. From what colour the poop should look like, to how carriers should be used, this class covered it all. I still refer to the information package that was provided.

Jacquie was amazing. She was professional and kind. The main part I appreciated was that she was judgement free, giving us the facts about all options. As a bonus, this was all out of the comfort of our own home, making my husband more likely to participate in the learning (even practicing diaper changing). Thank you Jacquie for helping us adjust to our new lives as parents!

Kelsey B.

Having Jacquie as our doula for the birth of my son was so incredibly helpful and truly made the labor and birth process less stressful and intimidating for my husband and I. We were on the fence about hiring a doula because we didnt know anyone who had done so before, but after my experience I can say I am so thankful we decided to hire Jacquie. From relaxation techniques, to massage, laboring positions, music, helping us understand all the info thrown at us in the hospital, tips and tricks to ease the pain, to helping so much during the pushing process that I was able to avoid the use of the vacuum, she was involved and helping in whatever way she could, every step of the way. I would absolutely have her as my doula at the birth of my next baby!

Sara A.