Due to COVID – 19 all of our classes will be taking place virtually to keep everyone safe yet informed in the comforts of your home.

To book your online class please contact us via email: durhamregiondoulas@gmail.com


Prenatal basics  PART ONE: (Preparing for your ‘Birth’ day) – $100

  • The anatomy of the woman’s body during pregnancy
  • How to create a birth plan “wish list”
  • The birth process (early, active and transitional phases of labour and delivery)
  • Comfort measures for the birthing partner (how you can physically and emotionally support your partner in birth and postpartum)

Prenatal basics PART TWO: (Newborn Baby Care 101) – $100

  • Skin to skin and breastfeeding basics when baby is first born
  • Comfort measures for baby ( the babies different cries, ways to sooth baby etc)
  • Some FAQ’s new parents have from rashes to diapers, bathing, feeding and baby wearing.


Prenatal Breastfeeding Class – $100

  • Learn the basics of breastfeeding including latch, positions and common issues that may arise.