Prenatal basics  PART ONE: (Preparing for your ‘Birth’ day) – $150

  • The anatomy of the woman’s body during pregnancy
  • How to create a birth plan “wish list”
  • The birth process (early, active and transitional phases of labour and delivery)
  • Comfort measures for the birthing partner (how you can physically and emotionally support your partner in birth and postpartum)

Prenatal basics PART TWO: (Newborn Baby Care 101) – $150

  • Skin to skin and breastfeeding basics when baby is first born
  • Comfort measures for baby ( the babies different cries, ways to sooth baby etc)
  • Some FAQ’s new parents have from rashes to diapers, bathing, feeding and baby wearing.



Prenatal Breastfeeding Class – $10

  • Learn the basics of breastfeeding including latch, positions and common issues that may arise.