“We had 2 prenatal sessions with Natalya. She was so warm and inviting and provided us with a lot of knowledge during our first session.”


Natalya has always had a knack for working with people. With over 19 years’ experience in the Customer Service field she has acquired a great understanding of people’s needs, wants and expectations. Once hearing about the role of Birth Doula and completing research with respect to the birth industry she knew this career would fit her perfectly. Natalya understands fears and worries about the birthing process but has methods to help ease any of your concerns emotionally, physically and informationally. With her true love for people, her comforting energy and knowledge of the entire birthing experience Natalya has made this career her true passion. Attending the Fall 2016 Maternal Support Practitioner (MSP) course offered by Bebomia ™ was the best decision she could have made.

Specializing in:

-Breastfeeding support, working with singletons and/ or twins, behavioural analysis for infants 3 months – 18 months old, sleep training, introduction to solids, daytime and overnight support.