lucas1When Mike and I found out we were pregnant, we were so excited and wanted only the best for our unborn child. We chose the midwife route because we wanted the freedom of choice and the intimate care we could only get from midwifery.
I realized through my journey I was missing something and when my naturopath educated as to what a Doula is and how they can make your birth experience much more relaxing; I knew this is what I was missing. Natalya came into my life 2 years earlier on the professional side; so, when I found out she became a Doula, it was like Fate wanted us to meet. We had 2 prenatal sessions with Natalya. She was so warm and inviting and provided Mike and I with a lot of knowledge during our first session.  She had answers to every question and gave us a few sources to watch. By our second visit, she helped us through various options for our pre-labour and it we had a lot of fun..

On the big day, she literally had to drop everything to be at our side. She was so caring and amazing every step of the way.  Her support was unconditional and it felt like we had an additional family member at our birth. Natalya also came for a post-natal follow up and was happy to help anyway she could. She has become so special to our family and we are forever grateful to Lucas’s Doula!!
We can’t wait to share our next child’s experience with her and I would encourage you to consider Natalya for your birth experience.

Love Always Mike, Karen and Lucas

Karen V.