Holiday Maternity Fashion!

So its the end of November, you have a Christmas gala this coming weekend, family photos the week after and 3 family / friend dinners and lets not forget New years; but you have just entered your third trimester?. HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!! – or do we?. A few years ago finding anything but your husbands old t-shirt or sweater was far and few between. So you will  be pleasantly surprised to find out there are many stores and options pregnant women have for the upcoming holiday season. There is something out there for everyone’s style and event they have coming up within the next 6 weeks.

Gala / New Years on a Budget:

Need a classic statement piece for a fancy evening out? check out Motherhood Maternity’s ( amazing collection of “one and done” at an affordable price. A simple mid calf with a short or long sleeve paired with a glammed up Aldo ( necklace can do the trick! Top that with some curls and diamond stud and you have a glammed up gala look for less than $100.

mat dress

Family Photo look?:

For that family photo try to closet hunt! You never know what you have until you have searched through your closet and all of your drawers. If you cant find a gold, red or green holidays colours, no worries. Try you typical white V-neck stretchy t-shirt, pair that with your nicest black, or dark denim maternity pants and layer an old flannel top with a cardigan over it. If we are getting fancy, you can pick up a cute pair of mittens and hat, or bring some decorations from home to give your photos a humble holiday theme.

mat dress 2

Work Event or Family Party:

You can try and dodge the typical Christmas shopper by staying right on your couch and ordering from amazing online shops such as: Destination Maternity (, Zulily (, Hatch Collection (, Zazzle ( ), Thyme Maternity ( You can get some amazing style ideas from Pinterest ( or shop local from ETSY (!

Whatever your holiday or personal style, know that there are so many more options out there for you. Be the centre of attention at every event you go to the next 6 weeks and rock your pregnancy glow!



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