Winter Postpartum Doula Promo


We all know that raising a newborn baby takes a village, literally!

The help you may be offered while pregnant might not feel necessary to an expecting mother. That idea suddenly changes once that baby is born and things are suddenly out of your hands. You have visitors coming out of the woodwork, you have people bringing you over food, camera’s flashing, a crying baby, dirty diaper and sleep? haha what sleep?

Have no fear – your post partum Doula is here!

This is not to scare anyone by any means, however sometimes things can feel a little overwhelming once your baby is born. By having a post natal Doula you are giving yourself the time to rest, learn and just take a moment to breath through this transitional period in your life and your new babies transition from the womb.

A post-partum Doulas job is to educate you on how to care for your newborn baby. This could be a simple as helping you breastfeed, helping you give your baby his or her first bath, tips and tricks on colic, gassy baby and sleepless nights for baby and yourself. We understand that you are both adjusting to this amazing change in your life and want to make the process easier for you.

When considering hiring a post natal Doula know that there is usually 2 options to choose from.

An hourly daytime Post partum Doula: This is for someone who may be looking for a few days assistance, often great for new mothers who have other small children and may be looking for a few hours of quiet to rest while maybe this children and partner are out. someone needing a bit of light housework to be done or for some light healthy meals to be prepped and stored away.


An Overnight Post partum Doula: Great for brand new parents who both need a good nights sleep, the overnight Doula will care for your newborn while you sleep to feed them (unless exclusively breastfeeding – in which case baby would be brought to you while you are in bed then taken back in their care while you continue to sleep). This overnight doula option is great for coaching and training you and your partner understand your newborn and can answer and questions you need. Then while you sleep will prep more hearty meals for your family that can remain frozen until needed, she will do some household duties including laundry, dishes, sweeping moping etc. As well as take care of your sweet little one making sure they are well taken care of.

Both options are amazing and the choice of support you choose is completely up to your needs and lifestyle and really just help you understand the process and empower you to be the best new parent possible.

For the end of winter months: remainder of February – March 2018 we are offering Post-natal services at 20% off.  If you or a friend may be interested in our services please feel free to email us at and get the support you need today!



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