Floating for Pregnancy and Beyond

Have you ever floated?  How about in 10″ of magnesium rich, chlorine-free water?

The R.E.S.T. (Restricted Environmental Stimuli Therapy) Centre in Whitby is the Durham Region hub for all things floating and relaxation and we were fortunate enough to have been invited to try out the pods to give you a first hand account of floating.

What’s even better is that we have partnered up to write this post for you since Natalya can give you her perspective as a non-pregnant woman and Jacquie can give you hers as she floated at 5 months pregnant.

But first we’ll give you some information on floating in general.

How Does Floating Work?

Floating is done in pods that contain 10″ of warm water.  This is no ordinary water!  At the R.E.S.T. Centre they care about your health and so don’t use chlorinated water.  Instead, they use something called Hydroxyl which is a non-toxic chlorine substitute which is more effective than chlorine at disinfecting the water which is fully filtered 3-5 times between uses.

Containing 1200lbs of magnesium sulfate (aka Epsom Salts) you float with ease in the small amount of water inside the pod.  That magnesium absorbs into your skin and goes into your bloodstream.  Magnesium does incredible things for your body, including relaxing muscles, improving sleep, reducing stress and relieving aches and pains.

The sensation of floating also has incredible benefits for your entire body because the stress of gravity is taken away. Floating helps with blood pressure stabilization, chronic pain in muscles and joints, mental clarity and improved sleep.

“What’s the biggest stress in your life?  It’s not money or relationships, it’s gravity!”   – Brent, Owner of R.E.S.T. Centre

The pods are made so that outside stimuli is restricted, you can remove all visual and auditory stimuli to help you get as deep as possible into relaxation and healing.  If that’s not for you then the pods are setup to play music or guided meditations from your device as well as provide soothing lighting while you float.

Floating for General Health

Natalya here! I am 6ft tall and am hyper extended in my knees so my ears perked up when I learned about the ease of muscle and joint pain. Over the years I have started to develop some pain in my knees, so I was excited to find out if floating could help with that.

At first I started off in the suggested position, on my back with a rounded floating piece at the back of my head to keep my head balanced and I kept the lights on. After a while I found that position rather uncomfortable so I ended up removing the piece from behind my head and turned off the lights so that I was in complete darkness. That’s when the magic happened.

It was suddenly just so relaxing, I felt no pain, no stress, no discomfort, not even the water that I was immersed it. I can definitely see how floating can benefit anyone and be a comfort measure for pregnant women!

Floating For Pregnancy

Jacquie here!  My experience of floating while pregnant was pretty cool.  I was a bit unsure at first since I had been starting to feel really uncomfortable lying on my back at home, but while floating I didn’t have any shortness of breath.  I tried a few different positions including floating on my stomach with my head on my arms (check out this blog for more ideas of good positions to float in while pregnant) and they all felt pretty great!  I definitely felt calm and relaxed and I enjoyed having the complete darkness.

I kept the pod lid opened as it started to feel a bit too hot for me after the first twenty minutes or so and I will definitely be bringing my guided hypnobirthing meditations with me the next time I go as I found the lack of sound to cause my mommy list making brain to jump into overdrive!  After my float I felt my body relax quite a bit and it was nice to skip my usual magnesium supplementation before bed and just relax into a deep sleep with way fewer aches and pains the next day!

Here are some other great blogs about the benefits of floating while pregnant:

This is What Happens When You Go Floating During Pregnancy by Womb Revolution

Floating for Pregnancy & Prenatal Health by Serene Dreams

Have you ever floated? Let us know what your experience was like in the comments below!

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