5 Ways Doulas Make Your Life Better

Doulas are becoming very popular these days and there is very good reason for that!  Research has shown that having a Doula can decrease the need for medical interventions during labour, reduce the likelihood of having a C-Section and increase the mother’s feeling that her birth experience was a positive one.  While Doulas are invaluable in the delivery room, there are other things that we do that can be just as helpful!

  1. Consider us your Birth Bestie.  We are happy to be a part of your pregnancy leading up to birth from the moment we are hired.  We love nothing more than chatting about your birth and answering any questions you might have.  While we cover a lot of information during our prenatal meetings, we are always happy to fill you in on anything you deem necessary and point you in the right direction for resources.  Forgot to ask your OB or Midwife a question?  Having a minor panic attack about some random birth related issue your friend’s friend had and need some clarification or reassurance?  We’ve got your back!

2. Unsure about your pain tolerance?  We come armed with experience on how to ease the sensation you experience in labour with massage, acupressure, movement, positioning and a TENS machine which all help to reduce the amount of pain you experience and keep you in the groove with labour’s flow.  We are also in favour of using medication whenever you deem it necessary to do so and will personally search for the anesthesiologist if you need the epidural NOW!  Even with medication, some sensation can be felt but don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered for that as well.

3. Breastfeeding 101.  Breastfeeding is not always as natural as it’s portrayed in the movies, although the HBO show Girls did a fairly good job at showing some of the difficulties that can be caused with breastfeeding.  Consider having a Doula like having a personal breastfeeding coach immediately after birth.  Part of our job is to ensure that baby is fed and momma understands the best positions and methods of latching baby onto the breast.  Breastfeeding may come naturally (fingers crossed), but if it doesn’t we are your backup plan and will gladly help with whatever you and baby require!

4. Birth Photography.  Maybe you don’t want any pictures of you in the throws of birth, but then again, maybe you will after the fact.  Even if it’s just a first family photo after birth, having a Doula there can ensure that you get at least some candid shots of your labour that you can choose to delete or not.  We also offer professional birth photography and our exclusive birth art which will serve as beautiful keepsakes of one of the most important days of your families life.

5. Postpartum Relief.  You may not think about it now, but it’s good to know that the same Doula who helped you through your labour can help you through your sleep deprivation as a new parent.  Postpartum Doulas can be lifesavers for new parents.  We help to watch your little one while you shower or get things done around the house.  While you and baby sleep or feed we help with light chores and meal prep to ensure that you feel refreshed and like your To-Do list isn’t piling up while you’re doing the most important job (healing and being the best mom you can be!).

Being Doulas is what we love to do!  How can we be of service to you and your family?

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