Why Doulas Are a Necessity!

Are you scared of giving birth?  You’re not alone!  Many women and their partners are afraid of what happens when it comes time for baby to actually come out; and for good reason.  The amount of horror stories we hear and see on television or in movies is endless. BUT birth doesn’t have to be that way.

Positive birth experiences are on the rise and this is largely in part to better education on what birth entails and also in part to better access to care providers like Midwives and (drumroll please).. Doulas!

A Doula’s main priority is your comfort and the quality of your experience and care during your pregnancy and most importantly during your labour and birth.  Also known as a birth companion or post-birth supporter, a Doula is a non-medical person who assists a woman before, during, or after childbirth, as well as her spouse and family, by providing physical assistance and emotional support.

At this point you might say – well I have my husband, boyfriend, mother, aunt or sister helping me with my labour and delivery. We love being in the birth room with partners, family and close loved ones – the more support, the better. However, Doulas are trained to know every phase of the birthing process from the anatomy of the body, fertility, the growth and development of the child inside the womb.  Unless your close ones are birth workers then it might be worth considering hiring a Doula for that extra peace of mind.

Doula’s are a great addition to your family and partner in the birth room!  Sure your mom has done it before, but how many things have changed since she had her babies?  Having a Doula is like having a Birth Siri with you in case you have any questions or concerns, not to mention a whole tool bag of comfort measures for natural pain management and good working relationships with hospital staff!

We are educated on all things labour, delivery, breastfeeding, infant care and even on how to deal with postpartum depression (PPD) and potential birth trauma. This means that by hiring a personal Birth Doula for your birthing experience, you are receiving a wealth of knowledge and support based on your specific needs and requirements. Usually a Birth Doula is hired around week 32-36 (if not earlier!) so you have time to get to know your Doula more and tell her your requirements and expectations for your birth (Read more here on how we become your “Birth Bestie”). Do you want to play your favourite CD, do you want candles lit, the ability to move and try new positions, light massage or pressure point work or do want to get set up with an epidural right away etc. You give her exact instructions on how you would feel most comfortable; as it will come in handy for your labour and your Doula is more than happy to accommodate those needs.

So at the end of the day, yes – you will have a beautiful baby in your arms and the first day of parenthood will begin. But why not hire a Doula and ensure that your choices are respected and that you are surrounded by support, information and comfort while the OB or Midwives take care of what’s best for baby!

For more information on our Labour Doula Packages, click here.

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Did you have a positive or negative birth experience?  What made the difference for you?  Post in the comments below!

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