Who We Are

Are you pregnant and located in the GTA or Durham Region?

We are the Durham Region Doulas and we are your one stop shop for all things pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond!

We both became Doulas out of our desires to help women embrace their pregnancies and have beautiful, fearless and empowered births.  We love to provide support to women and their partners and be there to coach them through one of the most profound and exhilarating experiences of their lives.  It takes stamina, endurance and a whole lot of love and we want to be there for you every step of the way!

When you hire us as your Doulas, here is what you can expect:

pregnant-woman-in-kitchen-with-friend-reading-59434161. Prenatal Meeting(s): We use these meetings as mini childbirth education seminars for our clients so that they become familiar with terminology and the physiology of birth.  We also use this time to discuss your birth dreams and plans and how we can make them a reality.  We go over natural pain management techniques including movement, positioning, acupressure, massage and the use of heat, water or a TENS machine.  This is also a great time for families to ask any questions and for parents-to-be to get on the same page for their birth plans.

2. 24/7 On Call Support: From either 37 or 38 weeks we go on-call 24/7 for you in case labour starts earlier than expected.  No matter the time, if you need us, you’ve got us!


3. Complete Labour Support from the time you say Go!: This is so important to us!  Sometimes Doulas will ask you to call them only when you are in active labour, or the 5-1-1 (or even the 4-1-1) rule which is typically the rule a busy on-call midwife will use so that she isn’t called in too soon.  While midwives do provide some coaching and support for the family, they are mainly there to ensure the health and safety of your baby and only really want to be present when it’s most likely they’ll be needed to deliver rather than the hours and hours it can sometimes take for women to progress to that point (rather uncomfortably in some instances).  As your Doulas we are committed to getting out the door as soon as you need us to so that you aren’t left wondering if you “can” or “should” call.

4. Support for at least the first 2 hours postpartum: We will be with you and your new family for as long as you need us after the birth to see you set up comfortably and ensure baby has had at least one feeding (same goes for mom and sometimes dad too!).


5. Postpartum Follow Up: We want to come back within the first two weeks to make sure that everyone is healthy and happy.  We also like to use this time to go over your experience and relive the joyous and momentous moment that you became a parent.  We will answer any questions you may have and set up Postpartum Doula appointments if needed.



As Postpartum Doulas we provide new families with some relief from the stress of new parenthood.  We can provide daytime care to help with any breastfeeding questions you may have, any newborn care questions you may have and to also allow you to get things done around the house if you need, like having a life affirming shower or nap!  We also provide overnight care to allow you to catch up on some sleep knowing that baby is fully cared for and will be brought to you as needed for nursing.

For more information about who we are, check out our About Us page.

To book a free consultation, email us at durhamregiondoulas@gmail.com.

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