Our Favourites from the Fall 2017 Baby Time Show

This years Baby Time Show was so much fun!  There were tons of vendors, lots of pregnant bellies, babies and just generally our kind of people. 😉

There were some vendors that stood out to us that we wanted to make sure were on your radar too!

BioGaia Probiotic Drops

BioGaia DropsThese drops are amazing for any parents of colicky or gassy babies.  BoiGaia has been proven to help reduce and prevent duration of crying in infants suffering from colic, diminish the frequency of regurgitation, help prevent acute diarrhea and reduce constipation!  So basically, it’s a lifesaver for all new parents!!  They were also debuting their new formula which includes 400IU of Vitamin D which is the perfect dose for newborns to 12 month olds!


Charlotte’s Bum Butter

Charlottes Bum Butter Boys

Ok, this excited me more than I thought it would.  These bum butters are so luxurious, luscious and delicious, it’s no wonder that their slogan is: So pure you could eat it!  The ingredients are food grade, natural, there are no synthetic ingredients and no water – which means no preservatives!!  There are creams for newborns (no essential oils), baby girls and a blend for baby boys!


Sleep Belt

Sleep Belt

As the exclusive Skin-to-Skin product of La Leche League there are a number of amazing benefits to this incredible product and its sister product the Joey Band which is meant for more clinical settings.  The Sleep Belt allows baby to be swaddled and comfortable on mom or dad while allowing the parent to be able to use both hands and not worry about dropping baby should you accidentally nod off while relaxing with your little one.  Comfortable and practical for baby’s first days and beyond, this is a product that every new parent would love!!


Wonderwear Modern Diaper Service

Wonderwear Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are amazing, but they can be crazy expensive and seriously time consuming when it comes to laundry (not to mention dealing with all the poop!).  Enter Wonderwear!  An amazing cloth diaper service that delivers the diapers to your doorstep weekly and picks up the dirty ones at the same time!  All you have to do is put them on your baby, and take them off!  No muss, no fuss!  I used this service with my daughter and absolutely LOVED it!  I’m not squeamish, but the thought of handling allllll of that poop more than once just did not sound appealing to me on top of all the other responsibilities new parents have.  If you want a cloth diaper option that’s affordable and GREEN (no chlorine is used) then definitely check these guys out!


Boiron Homeopathics

BoironDealing with an infant who has a Cold, Colic, or is Teething?  Boiron’s formulas are safe and effective for babies from 1 month on!  They are a staple in my medicine cabinet and one of my top recommendations for parents looking for something safe and natural for their infants.  Their remedies can be found in health food stores and most major grocery stores because they are just that good!  Check out their website for a $2 coupon off their products and download their app which tells you which remedy is best based on your symptoms.


Ontario Provincial Police Car Seat Safety Booth

This was amazing!  There is so much information out there on car seats and it can be hard to tell what is American and what is Canadian and what is speaking about law versus what a brand or other third party may be telling you.  This booth had a ton of excellent information that we are thrilled to be able to share with our clients in the form of booklets and tip sheets for proper use and installation!  Here is the Durham Region Police‘s version for those of you who are local!


Baby Gourmet


So apparently I’ve been living under a rock and hadn’t heard of Baby Gourmet until very recently.  I absolutely LOVE their recipes, flavours and had the pleasure of speaking with one of the cofounders who was extremely passionate about what she and her sister set out to create which is high quality, organic food and snacks for babies and young children that are made with the best ingredients!  I sampled their Quinoa Puffies in Strawberry Beet and loved that they are completely gluten and rice free.  My daughter also loved their Squoosh pouch that I brought home for her (and sampled myself) which was exciting since she hates anything pureed!  This is definitely a Canadian company that I can stand behind as a Mom and Nutritionist.


Propeller Green

Propeller GreenSocial Impact Recycling.  For a seriously small fee, this not-for-profit company takes your used car seats and recycles them for you.  Their mission is to “provide sustainable employment to those with physical, mental or social barriers by recovering, recycling and repurposing materials that currently are destined for landfills.”  When your car seat expires, please remember these guys and check out their calendar (will be up fully in February) to see when and where you can drop off your car seat for this amazing cause!

Honourable Mention

Healthy Moms Discount Card & Freeyumm


Healthy Moms Toronto Marketplace was a spectacular area of interest for this years Baby Time show.  Showcasing local natural and healthy products, service providers and shops, the marketplace was a haven for health geeks like myself.  The discount card is an amazing deal and I was one of the lucky first 25 people to purchase the card and receive a giftbag full of incredible products.  One of those products was a box of Freeyumm’s Banana Maple cookies which are out of this world tasty AND free from the Top 9 Allergens making it an extremely kid and school friendly treat!  I highly recommend you get a discount card and a box of these glorious cookies!


Did you attend the Baby Time Show this weekend?  Who were your favourite vendors?  Let us know in the comments below!



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